The reason I gravitate towards wedding photography is that I love to support others. And what better way to be in a support role than to help someone celebrate one of the most special moments of their lives. I want to see you all have a fantastic time, and I want you to look back at your pictures and feel the day!

So that’s me. Let’s connect and share this special moment of your life together!

My Why?

We're not all natural models. Especially me. Most of my couples tell me they're "super awkward" and have no idea how to look good in a photograph.

Don't worry, I got you. My approach to photography and weddings is a little different than the norm. I focus on bringing out your LOVE for each other, and capturing memories and moments instead of poses.

I like to use posing prompts instead of poses. Less like: put your arms around each other and smile, and more like: slow dance to your favorite song, whisper in each others ears, kiss everywhere but the lips, tickle each other, and run around like you're a kid again.

I want you to focus on each other, not the camera. The result is you get magazine worthy, authentic, candid, loveable images without feeling like you just had a photoshoot.

My entire focus is your experience. Wedding photography is a premium service and I treat it as one. First, you're not my clients, you're my new friends. From the second you inquire all the way to your image gallery delivery I go above and beyond to make your wedding photography experience incredible, from meeting, to planning, to shooting, to delivering.

So whether you're having a wedding at a stunning venue in Philadelphia where I live, or you're having an glamorous destination wedding on a beach, overlooking the mountains, or in another country, I'll be there for you every step of the way.

The Signature Experience

What began as a super fun, but overwhelming hobby for a college student, has turned into a successful and award winning wedding photography business that has been growing everyday.

But enough about the growth of my passion and more about me.

Here are some fun facts that sum me up in a nutshell:

- I have been photographing weddings in the PA tristate area for the last 8 years.
- I have been featured in the Lehigh Valley Style Magazine as one of the Best Wedding Instagrams in the Lehigh Valley PA.
- I love warm adventurous weddings during the spring, summer, and fall.
- A large percent of the weddings I capture are entirely candid, with natural poses, and genuine joy.
- I am a huge adventurer and I love hiking, zip lining, fishing, hunting, and trying new food.
- Favorite Places in the world: Aruba, London, Mexico, and Jamaica.
- I'm not a coffee drinker unfortunately, but I do love hot chocolate and tea.

Hi, I'm CJ! Nice to meet you! If you're wondering who's behind the camera, you came to the right place. To sum myself up in an "about me" section is nearly impossible, but here are a few things you should know.

I have been a photographer in the PA tristate area for over 8 years.

My journey in photography began with friends in college who didn’t model but loved to pose for a picture at any moment. They really helped me get more confident in posing people who aren’t models.

Shortly after learning the technical basics in photography and posting a few photos on Instagram and Facebook, friends started to ask me to photograph their graduation photos, special events, and weddings.

Meet Your Photographer

We care about providing the utmost incredible experience, which is why we don't take every wedding we are asked to photograph.

We work with couples who not only value photography, but friendships, intimate moments, endless adventures and all of the love that weddings and photographs capture.

If that fits you, fill out our Contact Form below, and lets start our journey together!

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